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10 Best CEOs - 2019

CEOs should also regulate individual contacts, maintaining the distance to be objective but enough closeness to gain trust and loyalty. The principle used in almost every “best CEO” ranking for public companies is how much value a CEO’s company creates A CEO should have a clear direction in which they want to steer their business. Ambition and optimism are good things when grounded in reality, and the head of a company needs to believe in those goals. best CEO qualities involve active listening skills and posing questions and asking for feedback.

10 Best COOs - 2019

They lead a corporate planning effort, and evaluate talent differently and identify key issues. They remove worst performers and replace them with best talent which improves standards across organization. COO should fix bugs, fill in leadership and execute core strategy in concert with senior leadership. They should be effective communicator and collaborator with whom people want to work and also track the projects and make business more efficient. By talking with people at various levels of the organization, they will gain insight into decision-making processes.

10 Best CTOs - 2019

CTO takes on the responsibilities for IT and infrastructure. The main task it is to be the bridge to customers. CTO qualities involve good network and practical knowledge to build a better software and have experience with both managing people and guiding technical strategy. They are most influential and innovative people who is the cofounder and main thinker behind the product. they explore the technology tendencies and implements within the product, policy and roadmap. They are focused on managing and running corporate applications providing IT services.

10 Best CLOUD Leaders - 2019

Cloud leaders should Develop the skills for contributing effectively in matrix team working - Team leaders and members roles in developing collaboration in and between teams, Sharing leadership, ownership and accountability. Actively engage and negotiate with vendors. - Understanding the potential and training requirements for individuals, coaching and developing talents as the jobs change in the Cloud Era. Create a personal development plan based on assessed leadership strengths and development needs - Use Case Study approach for learning. They initiate as providers of cloud services as well as consumers. Cloud leaders position their initiatives as providers of cloud services as well as consumers.

10 Best Inspiring CEOs - 2019

They give motivation to overcome obstacles of life and develop the right attitude to lead a successful life. Their life tells us that regardless of their continuous failures, painful moments, sufferings they never took an easy way out and committed to follow their dreams with pure determination and dedication. They start by developing an insightful understanding of their stakeholders needs and motivations, and then get people on board by driving for performance and bring into line around the goal of value creation. They motivate by empowering their subordinates.

10 Best Successful CEOs - 2019

The successful CEO set a clear progression for business and adapt proactively with change to a rapidly changing environment. They learn and grow and also treat their mistakes as opportunities, they set accurate expectations upfront, they engage with employees and board members and customers to understand expectations and rapidly access the business to develop. A CEO will always recognise their employee’s success -never taking credit for their work. They have to adapt proactively and set high goals, serve others and focus on stakeholder value.