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10 Best CEOs - 2017

The CEO is responsible for planned, economic, active leadership for the company. Selecting a new CEO is the most valuable job of a company’s board of directors. There is no other decision that has such a great impact on a company’s scheme and performance. They strive to find best fit, not the best leader. The CEOs who are expert at picking CEOs do four things-They work systematically to clarify the important qualities needed to succeed in the job, they go deep to understand which candidate is the best fit. They read, analyze the reports, talk to insiders, and refer outside authorities to expand their thinking.

10 Best Inspiring CEOs - 2017

Selecting the new CEO arguably is the board's most important responsibility. Popular boards view successful planning as an ongoing movement that is incorporated into a broader process of consistently thinking about a company's evolving plan and identifying the skills of top executives that need to execute that strategy. Reaching this level is extremely difficult and what a CEO can do to affect the success with which they are carried out. They must develop better means for systematically obtaining important, detailed information about how the company creates value.

10 Best Successful CEOs - 2017

The inspiring CEOs are changing the world in their every day’s job. The CEO provides inspired leadership who develop and implement operational policies and make high level decisions about strategy and policy and act as a primary representative of the company. leadership is about making things happen, it is all about how they inspire, influence and make impact. The only important thing for a true leader is to be consistent and specialized in the area of management of the company and surrounding yourself with skilled minds and choose & have faith in corporate decisions.