“Services from Industry Pioneers”

Growing up, dinner table discussions at the Sheth’s residence centered around the business that his father had founded: what it meant to be a leader, and the importance of time, accuracy, and absolute certainty when it came to forensic investigations and disaster restoration. Many lessons learned and wisdom imparted onto a young Roshiv from his father were born of the family’s growing business; to lace emotion with logic and ensure you always listen to understand, not just respond; the importance of punctuality; and the significance of respecting not only one’s elders and superiors but also their fellow men. 

These lessons would one day help him transform his father’s company and breathe new life into a legacy now thriving internationally. But not before flying the nest to a bustling Silicon Valley life full of options trading, absorbing the American culture and can-do attitude, and developing an enthusiasm for emerging tech and how it can improve products and services and the jobs of the service providers.


All of these qualities allowed Roshiv to help his father bring their more traditional, family-owned company into the 21st century. From embracing technology to improving the overall business strategy and processes, Roshiv’s infectious enthusiasm and people-centric attitude have helped Approved Group International (AGI) extend its service offering, expand its team and build new and existing relationships within the industry. Once traditional hierarchies have been broken down to ensure each employee feels valued and heard, opening lines of communication has ensured AGI stays on top of industry developments and can constantly provide the most effective service, and new technology implementation that has helped to smooth out internal processes (gone are the 300 page written PDFs, replaced with virtual demonstrations) and lead the industry in new and exciting fields such as VR, AR, and the Metaverse with our very own NFT collection.


According to Roshiv, marketing is a fast-paced, high-pressured industry, driven by data and trial and error and the wishes of sales teams and CEOs who have defined and urgent targets. But it’s also a highly expressive, creative, and welcoming industry. “I’ve found that the people within it are often willing to help each other grow, and I always aim to do the same,” he says. “I actively encourage curiosity in budding marketers; stay up to date with trends, absorb information from others in any way that suits you be it listening to that podcast whilst running errands or venturing down a Google rabbit-hole every other night.” There’s a wealth of free resources that can also help, from Google’s courses to Hubspot and Neil Patel, a lack of formal education is no issue, so long as one is willing to learn and, perhaps more importantly, willing to start. “I encourage young professionals to learn what they can but accept that a lot will be learnt on the way, through mistakes, through failures and through successes. But none of that comes until they bite down that imposter syndrome and start somewhere.”

Roshiv has always been keen to mentor others formally and is currently working with AGI to support graduate and trainee roles within international schools and companies and begin their internship programme. “LinkedIn has also been an incredible resource for myself as I continually improve my marketing knowledge. Starting conversations, engaging with thought leaders and connecting with students, professionals and other businesses is a really fun and interactive way to grow in the industry.” Armed with such a unique ideology, Roshiv has taken the company to new heights.

Approved Group International differentiate itself from their competitors by being a technology-driven company that provides forensic and restoration services. Through their creative ways of solving cases and presenting them to clients, they have enjoyed the experience of working alongside the company and learning more about the process.


The company prioritises the customer experience. “Most people hate reading 60-page reports about a failure or fire. They jump right to the conclusion. But what about the details in between – this is where we’ve figured out ways to visually simulate and animate all fire, failure, vehicle investigations and restoration projects for our clients to be immersed in,” explains Roshiv. “We like to help our clients understand the process and the result to educate them for the long-term through interactive and engaging methods.”

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