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“Regenerative Whole Health™ For Achieving WELLthier Living®”

Driven by a series of family health challenges and tragedy nearly a decade ago, Kimberly B. Whittle embarked on a journey to search for solutions. Her unique journey included extensive research on the causes of chronic health conditions, approaches for the resolution of these conditions, and, most critically; strategies for their prevention. Being a CPA, not a MD, she intrepidly attended numerous professional practitioner integrative health and functional medicine conferences, expanding her knowledge and forming key relationships with industry leaders. Kimberly found life changing success in the prevention and healing of chronic conditions for her family and friends. While researching and utilizing a multitude of healing approaches and therapies, a personalized, integrated Regenerative Whole Health™ approach emerged and developed in collaboration with caring practitioners.

With her family well again, Kimberly devised an ambitious plan to transform healthcare, and founded KnoWEwell, P.B.C. Her goal is to build a market leading, WELLthier Living® services organization, designed to be a role model for using business as a force for good, not just profits. As a result, she created KnoWEwell as a public benefit corporation and began organizing corporate processes to achieve B Corporation Certification from B Labs. Kimberly constructed the company on a foundation of strong core values. She purposefully created each facet to achieve her vision of connecting and benefiting the whole — from the meaning of its name, the colors and symbolism of its logo designs, the community and marketplace features, and RWH ecosystem model, along with the “Five Pillars of Giving” and unique “Recruiting Without Borders” program. Thus, KnoWEwell’s unique Regenerative Whole Health® (RWH) ecosystem —the conscious connection between the whole unique person and all global healing approaches, therapies, providers, and organizations to cultivate and restore the regenerative whole health of humanity, all living species, and our planet.

" KnoWEwell is about you, me, us, life, the planet. WE are all unique and whole individuals. WE are all connected. WE need each other and the biodiversity of all living species and our planet to thrive and regenerate. "

There is an approximately 17-year lag between new scientific discoveries and their adoption into medical practice and changes to patient care. Furthermore, research is proving the effectiveness of ancient healing therapies, as well as the fact that it is our lifestyle and environmental factors that modulate how our DNA is expressed, either pushing us toward or away from chronic diseases. Today, KnoWEwell is bridging that knowledge gap by creating one, centralized online destination with the latest evidence-based research, connecting the dots between soil, food, lifestyle choices, planet and people’s health. It is empowering its members to more easily navigate today’s RWH knowledge and resources, as well as find their best-matched, vetted providers that know how to prevent and address the root causes of their chronic diseases. The platform provides immersive learning from today’s thought-leading professional organizations and their providers. All of these features allow community members to invest in their own health in a new simplified and accessible manner. “Our DNA may be our ancestry, but it does not have to be our destiny. We are building a global healing community, rooted and united through love of humanity and our planet. We are sharing healing success stories to inspire people with hope and to help people make meaningful connections,” says Kimberly. “The KnoWEwell RWH ecosystem brings priceless health and well-being benefits to individuals and families, fully embraced by our mantra: Together WE inspire and empower WELLthier Living® – Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-Filled Living.”

For the company, KnoWEwell’s most exciting event is just around the corner with the imminent launch of its personalized, private, secure community and marketplace online and mobile application. They are putting the finishing touches on it to ensure a rewarding user experience. “We are excited to begin welcoming new members into the KnoWEwell community. I am grateful to the visionary leaders of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and of the Institute of Functional Medicine and all of the RWH providers that have helped me learn and my family heal,” adds Kimberly. To begin your WELLthier Living® journey, Click Here to find out more.

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