Include inclusivity and collaboration in your fundamentals

Tier One Aztec Property Services, managed by President and CEO J. Harold Hatchett III, provides commercial janitorial, building maintenance, and specialty property services to customers across the nation. Their expertise is in large refineries, banks, educational institutions, and manufacturing facilities.

Serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of Tier One is one of Harold's fondest professional accomplishments. This position enables him to collaborate with some of the most talented professionals in their industry. Together with his executive team, he has embraced business expansion, profitability, the implementation of comprehensive internal controls, and talent development.

Harold engages in nationwide fireside discussions with colleagues to disseminate the organizational vision and foster constructive dialogue aimed at identifying strategies to improve the company. The individual holds the belief that fostering open dialogue, which encompasses the expression of grievances, is of utmost importance in establishing trust and cultivating an inclusive atmosphere. He seeks colleagues who are intelligent, self-motivated, and independent thinkers, as well as those who demonstrate leadership and teamwork abilities. Additionally, it is essential to embrace the company's fundamental values, which include Safety Excellence, transparency, innovation, inclusion, and ethics. Core values are not add-ons but rather our daily conduct when no one is observing, he adds.

An effective manager, according to Harold, is an individual who refrains from excessive control over subordinates, instead assuming the role of providing counsel, direction, and motivation. This individual serves as a reliable and accessible resource for engaging in discussions pertaining to complex and difficult matters. Harold's managerial approach prioritizes the cultivation of inclusivity and collaboration, grounded in a steadfast commitment to fundamental principles. He ensures that his team leaders are held responsible for the duties assigned to them. When undertaking a task, it is imperative to exert maximum effort and utilize one's existing skill set to achieve optimal results. He implores his team to consistently pursue excellence on a daily basis. The individual in question demonstrates leadership through personal exemplification and refrains from assigning tasks to team members that he himself would not undertake. The individual actively engages in team-based events and activities with the aim of fostering stronger interpersonal connections and promoting deeper mutual understanding among team members. He desires to ascertain the identity of the individual with whom he is currently situated in the "fox hole" and, likewise, wishes to determine if the said individual is aware of his own presence.

Harold believes that good leadership requires the ability to resolve conflicts. Individuals in positions of leadership greatly benefit from the acquisition of conflict resolution techniques and training. The ability to treat an incident in a way that makes both parties feel heard and pleased, with components of their individual views incorporated into the resolution, is the essence of conflict resolution.

Harold posits that the presence of personal investment, commonly referred to as "Skin in the Game," is necessary in order to foster inspiration. Act as the coach responsible for strategizing and organizing team games in collaboration with fellow teammates. He is in search of individuals who are interested in receiving input and striving for improvement. It is imperative to establish a connection with one's team. He derives pleasure from commemorating triumphs and engaging in introspection regarding setbacks.

Harold follows through on his commitments, whether with clients or colleagues. His "word" is worth its weight in gold. His consumers perceive and experience his enthusiasm for everything he does. He appreciates candid conversations about what his customers want and how they can contribute to those goals and visions. He works diligently and plays hard every day to win and have established a culture in which they use their daily experiences to continually improve!

In order to manage multiple projects, careful planning and project management are required to develop and execute a solid game plan for delivering the expected project results. During the planning phase, they solicit input from subject matter experts and engage in "spirited" debates to determine the optimal course of action, assigning project components to team members who will be responsible for delivery and under a project manager's supervision. It is essential to develop realistic timelines that are communicated and understood.

The future prospects of Tier One Aztec are contingent upon the ongoing acquisition and development of high-caliber personnel as well as the retention of the existing talented workforce. Ensuring safety remains the fundamental principle governing their daily operations. Furthermore, the organization will persist in upholding a corporate environment that encompasses principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Harold also proposes visiting their official website,, for further company details.

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