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“Creating Winning Approaches”

Giuseppe Mura, CEO of LUBEA, has always considered Human Resources, Soft/Professional Skills, Vision and Customers as the 4 fundamental elements to build a successful Company. “In fact, I have always imagined the Company as a car that does not move if it doesn’t have an engine (Employees), if there is no one who can drive it (Skills), if there is no direction to go (Vision) and if there is no fuel (Customer),” explains Giuseppe. “For a Company, the concept is the same: if one of the following elements fails: Employees, Skills, Vision, Customers, a Company is destined for failure.”

His twenty years’ experience as Business Partner with various companies, made Giuseppe understand that in the forums in which LUBEA operates, there is an ever-greater need for organizations which can combine the ability to offer high-level consultancy services together with innovative solutions to be able to offer cost-efficient integrated services for their customers. LUBEA is just that: a reality that operates in the exclusive interest of its partners with reliability and integrity, giving added value through its services. “This aspect is even more important in this moment of global pandemic from Covid-19; our customers suddenly found themselves in the condition of having to review their internal processes, making them more efficient and such as to better manage the now inevitable digital transformation in progress,” adds Giuseppe. The innovative solutions combined and integrated with traditional services are a winning approach to become a reference reality on the market—LUBEA fits into this context.

LUBEA’s experienced staff of engineers and partners assist organizations to create, deliver and capture value through various models uniquely tailored to each Customer. The Company engages and assists by focusing on capturing and delivering the best possible value whilst also leveraging unique characteristics of IoT connectivity to the Customers environment to produce innovation and cost reduction. The team of LUBEA consultants—that were instrumental in Design and Build for Italian Operators over the years—having gained knowledge of landscape and requirements to assist with immediate solutions with current issues faced. This is the reason why LUBEA, today, through its employees and partners, is ready to undertake engagements in the Industry 4.0 spectrum and have already assisted various Customers transform their traditional manufacturing and industrial ways of working with the latest smart technology.

" LUBEA is a strategic consulting company with its headquarters in Rome." LUBEA was born from Giuseppe’s desire to create a reality different from those on the market.

Sharing an instance, Giuseppe discusses a project called Advanced Network Inventory which made LUBEA one of the first companies in Italy to offer organic solutions for the management of the Inventory of radio mobile networks infrastructures elements owned by the wireless operators. “Our system/solution has enabled our customers to perceive the need and importance of recording what is really present in their networks through certified, objective, measurable and, above all, remotely verifiable detections,” explains Giuseppe. “Thanks to the use of drones and laser-scan and, through complex data processing software collected in the field, partly developed internally in order to offer even more precise and immediate outputs, LUBEA was one of the first companies to offer these services in Italy for the main wireless network vendors and carriers.”

LUBEA has been established as an Innovative Start-Up and from the beginning provided consultancy services with the aim of supporting its customers through the offer of solutions and competencies that can provide added value. In recent years, the Company has experienced significant growth in the offer of professional services in the field of Network Engineering and Network Design thanks to the opportunities offered by the merger of the WIND and H3G networks in Italy. In 2020, the company has started to invest and will invest more and more in the coming years on ICT, on Digital Transformation and IoT services. “We are convinced that, in line with our corporate vision and mission, offering skills in these areas is the most strategic choices to pursue, especially in consideration of the fact that, after the Covid-19 era, companies will need to request solutions and services aimed at automation and digitization in an ever more intense way,” he adds. “LUBEA is preparing for this epochal transformation and intends to provide its contribution and support.”IE

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