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As CEO of one of the most reputable contracting businesses in the southern United States, Bryan Benak of Southern Home Services states that HVAC, plumbing and electrical services are their primary focus. Within the specialized trades, their primary target market and consumer is the residential homeowner. They are in the service business and provide clients with a variety of solutions to fit their special needs.

Their employees are the driving force behind all their actions, and a crucial aspect of their success. Everything that happens in the organization revolves around their local staff and providing them with the resources necessary to deliver excellent customer service. These employees represent the organization from the customer’s perspective.

Generally, according to Bryan, it's crucial to have a varied workforce because it requires a wide variety of personalities to assure an organization's success. In his view, having everyone on the same page is the worst possible scenario. The resulting "group think" inhibits original thought.

As Bryan explained, diversity within a company enables individuals to see things from a variety of perspectives, similar to what happens when people of different personality types interact. Due to the variety of people who make up their consumer base, it is essential that their workforce also reflects this diversity, he adds.

As a data-driven company, all their decisions are centered on establishing a positive return on investment (ROI). As a result of their private equity sponsor, many of their board members have backgrounds in finance. One of the most effective strategies for winning their support is to show them metrics and results that prove a return on investment.

When asked about clear communication, Bryan is of the opinion that there is no superior mode of expression, notwithstanding his penchant for the traditional and his preference for face-to-face contact through the use of platforms such as Teams and Zoom. Organizations are required to utilize all available channels of communication. The most crucial characteristic is that it is both continuous and extensive.

Bryan asserts that the customer and the employee should be the leadership's priorities when it comes to offering support. If you are able to effectively manage this situation, the organization will succeed.

Bryan has also encountered a variety of obstacles, two of which he deemed decisive in nature. Bryan explains that when a company is growing, dealing with adversity is always easier than when a company is struggling. In his opinion, growth-oriented decisions almost always result in increased happiness.

There were two exceptionally difficult situations that required difficult decisions. The initial occurrence was the economic recession. Decisions with significant repercussions, such as the termination of some positions, were being made. "It is never simple to make decisions that damage the career of another person," he adds. During that time period, a great number of these kinds of decisions were made. The next occurrence happened throughout COVID. The home services industry gained respect because it supplied a highly sought-after commodity. "It was a new challenge for me to combine the needs of our employees' health and safety with that of our customers'," adds Bryan. "There has never been a period in my life when I have had to make such significant decisions," he said.

"Do not boil the ocean," is the first piece of advice given by Bryan to newcomers in the field of business. Bryan recommends focusing on the top three to five success-related indicators and working diligently to improve in those areas. He also says that they should use modern technology to their advantage, embracing it in a way that works for their organization and then using it in the best ways.

Bryan is probably not going to make any disruptive changes to the company. Instead, he wants to find a way to speed up the company's already rapid growth without hurting the quality of service they give their customers or the loyalty of their employees.

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