Be ethical; it will help you get where you're going

Anthony Volpe, who is now CEO, founded Fox Enterprise Services when he was 18 years old, drawing inspiration from the strong work ethic he saw instilled in his family during his upbringing. During his childhood, he observed the construction of houses and derived pleasure from observing the final outcomes. The attainment of their current position has necessitated significant exertion and commitment, not just on their part but also on the part of several individuals in their vicinity.

During his formative years in sports, Anthony acquired the valuable lesson that diligent effort yields positive results. His idea of working has consistently involved engaging in work without external surveillance. He has consistently been recognized for his exceptional work ethic and dedication in many settings. Consequently, individuals are inherently inclined to align themselves with him and actively engage in diligent efforts. As a leader, he recognizes the need to set a positive example through his actions. The demonstration of a leader's willingness to accompany others will likely result in increased feelings of appreciation among those individuals, according to him.

While individuals possess diverse attributes, it is crucial to comprehend the strengths and shortcomings of others. In order to effectively fulfill the role of a leader, it is important to possess the qualities of empathy, honesty, and fairness, says Anthony. The provision of equitable and impartial guidance holds significant importance in the context of effective leadership.

The strength of a team is contingent upon the collective contributions of its members. Given the limitations of Anthony's ability to be present in multiple places simultaneously, it becomes crucial to empower individuals to develop their own leadership skills. He consistently upholds an open-door policy and endeavors to maintain open channels of communication with all individuals. He desires to ensure accessibility for individuals in all hierarchical positions.

Anthony has accumulated professional experience in the field from an early age. In this particular business, the absence of a comprehensive instructional guide necessitates the reliance on experiential knowledge, which holds significant value and credibility. Although he acknowledges that there is always a need for more learning, he holds the belief that his level of experience is highly esteemed within the industry. He proposes that individuals should aspire to embody the qualities of a leader that they themselves would desire to be guided by. In the majority of instances, this would include demonstrating leadership through personal conduct and actions. When individuals observe your diligent efforts, they are inclined to assume a leadership role and guide those in your vicinity.

A few years ago, the organization undertook a project that fell beyond the scope of its regular project portfolio. Although Anthony was aware of the magnitude of the task inwardly, he encouraged everyone in his vicinity to adopt a problem-solving mindset. Despite the considerable scale of the project, Anthony believes it was crucial to maintain a concentrated approach towards each individual work, as they collectively contribute to the ultimate completion of the project as a whole. Maintaining their attention on little details ultimately serves as a catalyst for the accomplishment of a good project, which garners a sense of pride among all participants. Above all, Anthony has the belief that the organization formulates business decisions while prioritizing the welfare of its stakeholders. Historically, the corporation has demonstrated a preference for internal promotions as opposed to external recruitment.

As the organization experiences ongoing expansion, there are a plethora of prospects for individuals to become part of their managerial cadre. Observing the younger generations being motivated to develop and acquire knowledge is a source of exhilaration!

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