"Always focus on giving"

To provide the finest quality of life for seniors and their families, Mozaic Senior Life (formerly Jewish Senior Services) offers a broad range of senior living and community-based options. Currently headed by President & CEO Andrew H. Banoff, the organization works to be a resource for their aging population, offering everything from home care and hospice to adult day programs, assisted living, long-term care, and everything in between. They are a nonprofit with a religious foundation that provides services to individuals of all religions in southern Connecticut.

In terms of leadership abilities, Andrew believes that a good manager is someone who is likable and engaging, open and approachable, responsible for their teams and work, and ultimately able to share success yet also being able to accept and deal with failure. Andrew makes it a priority to carry out his work in accordance with those criteria.

Andrew also explains that it's human nature to make mistakes in speech and deeds, but for him, it's all about being honest and dedicating himself to the mission, and that it's important to remember that. The entire staff put are dedicated in their work, but core values and interactions with clients, residents, and clients' families are what truly demonstrate their devotion. During the interview process, potential employees are asked about the reasons why they want to work with elders, such as their relationships with their grandparents. Mozaic Senior Life is able to teach skills, but individuals still need to have a desire to be here.

Andrew is the author of the recently published book, 5200 Sundays, which was written to document the stories of relationships that form the community's fabric. They have the privilege of serving centenarians and other elders for 5200 Sundays (100 years). The book is available for download at www.5200Sundays.org.

Mozaic Senior Life has a large number of team members that have been with the company for a significant amount of time, and there is great pride in those relationships. In addition to the typical company holiday party, birthday party, and other celebrations, the company also takes all employees who have been with the company for 15 years or more on an overnight trip with their guests (dinner, dancing, etc.).

In 2011, Mozaic Senior Life took eight residents from their skilled nursing home to Israel, and at the end of the trip, they made an independent film called Next Year Jerusalem to document the planning, travel, and experience of a lifetime for these elderly people, their caregivers, and their families. This trip has permanently altered perspectives on nursing home care, and they have gone twice more in 2014 and 2022.

Andrew asserts that business cycles and financial challenges occasionally necessitate cost-cutting measures, such as staff reductions, which impact people's lives. No matter how frequently or infrequently it occurs, it is the most difficult thing to manage. You do learn who is humane and compassionate, as well as who "steps up" during challenging circumstances. For them, honesty, trust, and collaboration are essential components of senior living care because they are entirely interdependent. The nurses, CNAs, physical and occupational therapists, physicians, housekeepers, etc. are all members of a team that provides care for others’ loved ones.

In regards to upcoming strategies and projects, Andrew explains that an aging population will create an ever-increasing demand, which will cause the workforce to be strained to its breaking point in order to satisfy the requirements of their customers and residents. The demographics are very apparent, and they need to keep developing the resources and laws that will allow them to fulfill their purpose for the Baby Boomer generation, which is the next generation of seniors. Andrew claims their Vision 2031 strategic plan calls for more independent living, more home and community services, and more technology to accomplish their goals of caring for their community's aging seniors. The next project for Mozaic Senior Life is the development of a high-end, independent living community in Stamford, to be known as Mozaic Concierge Living, which will consolidate all levels of care under one roof so that they can care for seniors for the remainder of their lives in the most magnificent setting imaginable.

For more information about Mozaic Senior Life please visit mozaicsl.org.

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