Company Management Description Company Logo
Advanced Network Solutions Richard Pinson
Advanced network solutions provides it solution for business with strategic it planning, technology management and a deep understanding of business.
Aricent Frank Kem
Aricent provides digital design services, testing services, product services, software product development, systems & silicon development, software frameworks & solutions and product sustenance & maintenance.
Finley Engineering Steven Senne
Finley engineering provides professional engineering, surveying, mapping, environmental and right-of-way services to the telecommunications, electric power transmission and distribution, gas pipeline, cable television, fiber optics, and related industries.
Massive Networks Paul Mako
Massive Networks provides one pipe multi-connect solution, premium-blended-internet-connect, megalan-gigalan-connect, cloud-exchange-connect, data-center-direct-connect, private-network-transport, voip-connect, saas-connect, peering-exchange-connect and cloud-backup-service.
Network Design & Management group Nick Nickerson
Network Design & Management group provides services in it consulting group comprised of computer network consultants, system engineers, administrators, computer technicians and programmers.
Network Design Services, LLC Richard J. Buckley
Network design services provides managed services, hourly it services, network solutions, it support, cloud computing, virtualization and voip services.
Pacific Internet Mr Richard Loo
Pacific Internet provides suite of solutions which includes internet services, integrated network, carrier agnostic solutions and other complementary services.
Synergy Jim Stefano
Synergy it solutions provide network support in the Toronto area offering reliable and on-time network support services.
Tarika Technology Sachin Agrawal
Tarika technology provides virtual cio, infrastructure solutions, software solutions, web solutions, mobile apps & gaming, and 3d & video animation.
Vector Tech Group William Loiacano
President & CEO
Vector Tech Group provides a strategy and implementation in networking, wireless and network engineering to produce a stable and secure network for organization.